I always pack well when I go for 3 day cruises from Florida. What makes a cruise different is that you are on the ship for 72 hours with not much access to a laundry machine. In which case, it is a matter of importance to fill your baggage with the must-have clothes.


How to pack for 3 day cruises from Florida?

There are certain things that you have to be mindful of when you are preparing for a trip. And I am a self-proclaimed packing expert. So, here are my tips on how to pack for your cruising vacation.


Check The Website Of The 3 Day Cruises From Florida To Fish For Suggestions

Assuming that booking arrangements are in place, the next thing I suggest you do is to check out the website of the ship you booked with. I have visited some sites myself and I have found plenty of useful information and suggestions for dinner attire and the like. This is especially important to me because I make it a point to be in attendance to these dinner parties. They will usually indicate whether the night calls for a casual, smart casual or formal clothing

However, most of the time, I bend the rules a little. I know that I do not have to stress out on this part. I keep in mind that what are indicated are the suggested attires of guests. It is alright to dress down a bit on some nights and wear something acceptable just so I will not feel out of place.


Swimwear And Flip Flops Are A Must Have

3 Day Cruises From FloridaI am a water person and this is why I love taking these trips. A cruise vacation is incomplete without flip flops and swimwear. For three days, I usually bag three or more. In addition to this, I always have soap just in case I need to wash my swimsuit while on board.


Be safe with long pants and jeans

The vacation will not be complete without attending excursions. And I like to be prepared for anything which is why I always bring a pair of jeans or any long pants. You will never know when the situation may call for one. So to be safe, I go prepared.


Bring A Good Pair Of Walking Shoes

3 Day Cruises From FloridaWhenever I get the chance to hike, I do so. And this is why walking quality shoes are on my list too. My point is I do not want to miss out on any kind of activity that may present itself. I always ensure to make the most out of my travels and I never want my lack of clothing or accessories to deter my enjoyment.

I also have to know exactly where I am going and what pieces of clothing the weather calls for. Moreover, I have a full set of clothes ready in my hand carry bag just in case it may take longer to get access to my baggage. And these comprise my packing tips for 3 day cruises from Florida.