One of the things most people are concerned about when going on 2 or 3 day cruises from Florida is the packing. As a matter of fact, it is a concern for everyone traveling. And it is true for both men and women.


Why Traveling On A Ship Is Different?

Keep in mind that you are going on a different kind of vacation. That is what I always remind myself. I will be living in a floating hotel which gives me a chance to be more liberal in bagging nice clothes.

But I do understand how challenging it is to figure something you are not familiar with. I went through a similar dilemma when I was in a beginner to cruising. So, to make matters much easier for beginners out there, I have lain out a guide below.


Consider The Type Of The 2 Or 3 Day Cruises From Florida You Are Boarding

The first consideration involves the type of the fleet I am about to board. Some are casual while others are on a higher end which usually holds black tie events. The destination as well as the traveling period is also a major consideration. I always make it a point to base my packing decisions from these details.


Take Note Of The Functions That Will Be Held On The 2 Or 3 Day Cruises From Florida

3 Day Cruises From FloridaEach night during the cruise, the ship may have something special planned. It is a must that I am well informed about such concerns. I often refer to the line’s website to take hints whether such events call for formal, casual or semi casual dressing. This is how I ensure that I will not be standing out of the crowd for the wrong reasons.

There was a time when I missed to plan my attire for a costume party the ship is holding. The good thing is the line offer costume and formal wear rentals. These however, have to be properly reserved even before the departure.


Other Items In The Bag

3 Day Cruises From FloridaToiletries are also a must have. To make bagging such items much easier, I bring my toiletries in travel sizes. I seal them tight to ensure there are no issues with shampoos and soaps leaking out of my luggage. That will become such a headache as the clothes may be damaged. I recommend that you use zip top bags so you would not encounter such a problem on a vacation that you should be enjoying.

Finally, I have fears of losing my luggage or switching mine with someone else’s. As a solution, I put easily identifiable marks on them. And to ensure which baggage contains what, I have special markings for those as well.

So far, I have not encountered any major issues with my baggage yet, they always reach my cabin without delay. But just in case, I always prepare with my hand carry bag too. And if you want to get an assurance you do not miss packing anything on your 2 or 3 day cruises from Florida, I suggest you do the same.