I only understood what the fuss is about the Caribbean when I went for 3 day cruises from Florida to Bahamas. That is when I witnessed a real paradise. And there is no better way to travel this destination than by a ship. To make sure you have the most fun during your travel in this side of the world, be mindful of the following things.


Timing Is Everything With 3 Day Cruises From Florida To Bahamas

Plenty of travelers flock theCaribbeanduring mid-December until mid of April. So when I travel during these times, I book in advance. So, I do not miss out on a good vacation.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of taking the trip during the peak season. The biggest disadvantage is the cost. Expect the expense to be much higher. Another downside is the crowd. But the upside is this is probably the best time to be in this place.


Be Mindful About Bargain Deals On 3 Day Cruises From Florida To Bahamas

If you are allergic to high fares, you may want to consider visiting theCaribbeanislands on June 01 up to October 01. This is the time when the rates of fares go down significantly. Proceed with caution though. This period is known as the hurricane season. I got to chance to visit during these times though and fortunately, there were no such risks involved.


Take Note Of The Best Times To Party

3 Day Cruises From FloridaWhen I was younger, my friends and I pay the island a visit during the spring break season. The college party scene is the best but I suggest against it if you are traveling with young children. At any cost, avoid traveling during this period.

For people who like to experience the party scene, there are other ways to experience it and join the fun. When I grew out of my fondness for spring break, I went for other festivities instead. There are exciting local festivities that I like joining. This includes the Bahamaa Junkanoo Festival and the Independence as well as the Emancipation Days.


Other Traveling Tips

3 Day Cruises From FloridaAside from timing your vacation properly, there are other things that you have to be mindful about. This includes what to bring during the trip. First on my list is my passport. Second are my clothing items, accessories, toiletries and other essentials.

Since I spend a lot of time on the water and under the sun, I bring sufficient supply of sunscreen and swim wear including sunglasses and flip flops. I also prepare well for events aboard such as parties or formal dining events. And when I reach my destination, I am ready for hiking and exploration activities too.

So as not to forget anything, I usually make a checklist of my must haves. When I have everything checked, I neatly pack them in my bags and for me to know exactly where to get the items I need, I go the extra mile by labeling my luggage. And these methods have worked out well for me on my 3 day cruises from Florida to Bahamas.