Before we were married, my husband and I have always been after 3 day cruises from Tampa Florida. So when our children were old enough to take them with us, we jumped at the opportunity to take the vacation as a family. Planning the trip has proven to be much more challenging though with our small ones in mind.


3 Day Cruises From Tampa Florida With The Entire Clan

There is just a bunch of things that I have to consider from booking the cruise, to drafting our itinerary to packing and the traveling itself. But I was determined to take my children and spend our first cruise as a family. With patience, determination and perseverance, we managed our first cruising vacation. And for moms like me, I am sharing my thoughts on traveling with children which I hope will be useful.


Consider The Choice Of Destination Of The 3 Day Cruises From Tampa Florida

One of the first things that I considered is the selection of the destination. Of course, it is important that the place I pick does not only appeal to my husband and I. It should also please the kids. I consider the available activities and identified which ones they can do and the others they will have fun doing.

Aside from the selection of destination, there is also a concern about choosing a group and child friendly fleet. After all, we are spending most of the days sailing. So, on a 72 hour cruise, there has got to be something to keep the small ones busy and quite engaged. Otherwise, they may throw tantrums and that would get in the way of our enjoyment.


Plot The Itinerary Well

3 Day Cruises From FloridaAs a couple, we have talked about the stuff that we can do with the youngsters and what we have to do together. We realized as much as it is about having the time together as one unit, we also needed to be by ourselves. And luck is on our side because I learned there are babysitting services available on board. So, everything is straightened out and our time was well spent.


Prepare The Kids

3 Day Cruises From FloridaI did not expect the kids will make it easy for us when we were about to spend some time as a couple. They certainly made it difficult to leave them at the babysitting service. So, I talked to them and stayed for a little while, watching them from a distance. And when they seem to be enjoying themselves, they forgot about the entire thing. As a matter of fact, they did not mind at all for us to leave them for a bit.

I also suggest you get the youngsters more involved in the planning stage. They like it when they are being consulted on simple things as what they want to eat or what kind of activity we should do next. This way, they feel as much part of the decision making as the parents. These are all essential in ensuring everyone has a blast during the 3 day cruises from Tampa Florida.