I have to be honest I never would have thought cheap 3 day cruises from Florida was possible until I found myself in one. I am probably what you call a practical traveler. I am budget conscious which is why I never considered going aboard a ship no matter how my wife bugs me to take her in one.

But I found myself scheming through the deals when I felt like I needed to take her on a cruise during our anniversary. The practical person that I am, I specifically spent some time browsing through websites and dealing with agents to get me an inexpensive option. And these are the things I have learned.


Lines Do Offer Cheap 3 Day Cruises From Florida As Part Of Their Marketing Tactics

These fleets are not what I thought they are. My initial impression is that cruising is only for people who can afford the expensive fares. But after finding out about the availability of bargain fares, I did realize that these ship operators indeed offer affordable rates as a way of enticing travelers. And I was really enticed.


Deals For Cheap 3 Day Cruises From Florida Come In Different Forms

Most of the time, the fleet may offer the most obvious bargains. And that includes knocked down rates. But offers may also vary. At times some ships provide incentives on special bookings which may include shore excursions and other activities that can be joined in during the course of the trip. And getting such freebies can also work out. Just think of the possible cost it may require you otherwise.


Discounts May Be Offered Throughout The Year

So far, I have not been able to pinpoint a trend when the fleet will be releasing promos. This is because the promotional calendar of each line varies. In which case, discounts and incentives may come at different times of the year. What I do, is I always check for any upcoming offers to make sure I do not miss out on great deals.

But I did notice one thing. And that is I usually see bargains on Tuesdays. I just recently found out that lines in general, release their promos during this time of the week. So, I mark it for checking on new sales.


Always Plan Ahead And Book In Advance

3 Day Cruises From FloridaThe general rule of thumb is to start planning the cruise way ahead of the scheduled travel period. Most likely, there are early bird pricing offers up for grabs. And I realized, this kind of planning is not only beneficial for budget conscious people but for people who want to ensure they are well prepared for the vacation too.

Aside from what is already mentioned, there are other opportunities of saving on fare expenses. This includes taking advantage of last minute travels as well as a repositioning cruise. But one thing is for sure, I find my vacation much more enjoyable knowing that I get the chance to sail on a sale of cheap 3 day cruises from Florida.