To claim that I had a blast in the cruises from Florida to Bahamas is an understatement. This place is a paradise need I say more. It is actually one of the most sought after and well travelled destinations in the world. It has thousands of cays, two to be exact and around seven hundred islands. And that only means one thing, more to explore in this part of the world.


What I Suggest You Do During The Cruises From Florida To Bahamas

There are loads of exciting things to do here. This is a vacation worth taking and worth spending on. Specifically, here is a list of things I suggest you look into. If you want to have as much fun as I had, make sure you do not miss out on any of the following activities.


Marvel At Rare Beauty On The Cruises From Florida To Bahamas

As I mentioned earlier, this area is rich in natural resources. And while you are here, you should not pass up on the chance to explore. My friends and I went on a charter boat and sailed on to the uninhabited cays. We got to see a lot more as we explored the marinas and the hidden coves.

It was a lot of fun as we also went deep sea fishing. And as the sun was setting, I found myself lying and basking in the rich colors of the sky as it is reflected on the waters.


Discover The Sea Life

I have done some diving and snorkeling in the past but I never knew how different doing these activities here. No one in the group is a beginner in this area so we did not need to take the classes. But if you must, do it.

The coral reefs are magnificent. I have never gotten close to a dolphin much as I had in this trip. I also got to see sting rays but I was too scared to get anywhere close to them. My only regret is that I missed the eco-tour underwater. Otherwise, I would have experienced walking on the sea floor or having close encounters with a real life shark. That would have been the greatest.


Explore The Air

3 Day Cruises From FloridaDid you know that this place boasts of housing around 28 species of birds? Such species are not found anywhere else, at least not in theUnited States, neither inCanadanor inEurope. This is something that bird watchers should give a try. My camera was failing me at that time but if it was working properly I would have spent all my shots capturing the wonderful colors and the rare beauties there.

Finally, after a long day of rare sights and exploration trips, my friends and I did what we do best, we went for some shopping. We spent a lot in the Straw Market that features handcrafted items. But I do not regret spending on these items as they are a living proof of how much fun I had with the cruises from Florida to Bahamas!