I never understood why some people take cruises from Jacksonville Florida but as I recently experienced being on one, I realized all the fun in the trip. As a matter of fact, I cannot get enough. This is why soon after my first try I have immediately proceeded into planning and booking another cruise.


I took the vacation to the Bahamas and I can attest to why so many people say there is nothing like taking a trip to the Bahamas and on a cruise ship at that. The possibilities are just endless. And this is not just for a select few. I never thought I would enjoy it more than I originally expected but the fact is I genuinely had fun.


What To Do On Cruises From Jacksonville Florida To The Bahamas

If I were to make a list of the all the fun things there is to do in this side of the world, it will be endless. It is just like what I was privileged enough to experience here. The place is oozing with natural beauty that I could only bask at in awe. And here are a few suggestions on what you must experience during your vacation.


Take A Shore Excursion During The Cruises From Jacksonville Florida

The line you book with will probably offer this activity. Although it would cost more than hiring a local for the excursion, you have better chances for both safety and security if you do it with the ship. I had a blast here. I took my time with the numerous photo opportunities, I did not waste time exploring and you should not hesitate to do the same.


Go On A Sea Exploration

What made the trip even more exciting and special is that I travelled with my girl friends that had as much zest for life as I do. When we were there, we went all the way on our exploration trips. For instance, who can say that they have experienced walking on the sea bed? But we did.

We were all new to diving but there were available beginner’s classes to take so we jumped at the opportunity. After snorkeling for less than an hour, we heard about an ongoing underwater eco tour so we immediately enlisted for it. I was so scared at first but when I got the hang of it, I was totally fearless.


Other Activities Worth Trying

3 Day Cruises From FloridaAside from the underwater experience, I was also stoked with our trips to the cays especially the uninhabited ones. My friends and I also got the chance to do some bird watching. The good thing is I have my handy SLR to take pictures of the rare bird species we were lucky enough to spot.

The sea, the sky and the land offers many splendor things in this part of the globe. It is such a blessed island that longs to be explored. And I am so glad I took the chance to travel with the cruises from Jacksonville Florida because if I did not, I would have missed a lot in this lifetime.